Current people

Name Office location Currently funded by Phone number ++49 (0)30 838- Link or Email
Head of group
Prof. Matthias C. Rillig E.34 FU 53165 Home
Postdoctoral staff and fellows
Dr. Stefan Hempel E.11 FU 53172 Home


Dr. Stavros Veresoglou E.11 FU 53172 Home
Dr. Almut Scholtysik (on leave) Altensteinstr. 34 BMBF-BIBS 58899 Email
Dr. Heike Mewis Altensteinstr. 34 BMBF-BIBS 58899 Email
Dr. Karoline Weißhuhn Altensteinstr. 34 BMBF-BIBS 58899 Email
Dr. Anika Lehmann E.10 DFG 53145 Email
Dr. Tessa Camenzind E.10 FU 53145 Home
Dr. Carlos Aguilar 1.17 BMBF-BIBS 53143 Home
Dr. Stefanie Maaß K.30 BMBF-BIBS (in Potsdam) 53102 Email
Dr. Julien Roy E.08 BMBF-INPLAMINT 53144 Email
Dr. Karin Pirhofer-Walzl 1.09/ ZALF BiodivERsA-BASIL 53159 Email
Dr. Masahiro Ryo E.08 BMBF-BIBS 53144 Email


Dr. Yudi Lozano E.10 BMBF-BIBS 53145 Email
Dr. Ludo Muller 1.17 ERC-AdG 53143 Email
Dr. Daniel Lammel E.09 AvH-Fellow 53146 Email
Dr. Anderson Abel de Souza Machado 1.17 FU 53143 Email
Dr. Max-Bernhard Ballhausen 1.17 ERC-AdG 53143 Email
Dr. Florine Degrune 1.17 BiodivERsA-Digging Deeper 53143 Email
Dr. Eva Leifheit 1.10 DFG (Eigene Stelle, temporary PI position) 63314 Email
Dr. Gaowen Yang E.11 China Scholarship Council/ FU 53172 Email
Dr. Milica Lakovic 1.17 ERC-AdG 53143 Email
Dr. Joana Bergmann 1.09 DFG 53159 Email
Dr. India Mansour E.09 FU 53146 Email
Doctoral students
Jana Mazukatow 1.17 R.-Luxemburg 53143 Email
Dongwei Wang K.32 (SFB)
Sebastian Hausmann E.09 DFG-BioMove 53146 Email
Moises Sosa Hernandez 1.17 BMBF-Soil3 53143 Email
Juan F. Duenas Serrano E.11 DFG-Ecuador 53172 Email
Ola Szymczak E.08 DFG (SFB-973) 53144 Email
Liliana Pinek 1.17 ERC-AdG 53143 Email
Simon Thierry Okiobe K.29 DAAD . Email
Polina Yakubovskaya 1.17 E.-Neumann Scholarship 53143 Email
Leonie Grünfeld 1.17 DFG . Email
Yun Liang E.10 China Scholarship Council 53145 Email
James Whitehead 1.17 FU/BIBS 53143 Email
Jeane dela Cruz E.09 DAAD 53146 Email
Milos Bielcik 1.17 DFG-BioMove 53143 Email
Master’s students
Alia Tsang
Katharina Richter
Akif Celiker
Dustin Olschwesky
Erik Faltin
Matthew Cooper
Taylor Davis
Jan Obersnel
Technicians and secretary
Sabine Buchert E.12 FU 55010 Email
Gabriele Erzigkeit E.12 FU 55010 Email
Anja Wulf E.12 FU 55010 Email
Sabrina Doil 1.06 FU 63599 Email
Saskia Cyron Altensteinstr. 34 BMBF-BIBS 61258 Email
Other researchers
PD Dr. Manfred Forstreuter K.33 53164 Email
Frequent lab visitors
Prof. Janis Antonovics Virginia Email
Prof. Ian Anderson Sydney Email
Prof. Johannes Lehmann Cornell Email